Clinton Massachusetts

Voyager Program

In this program, your dog will be staying at a trainer’s house for 14 or 21 days where they will learn a new language that allows us, the human, to effectively communicate with them! Aside from obedience, we also teach them how to relax and just be! Our goal is to teach you and your pup to live in harmony in your everyday life! During their stay, they will travel everywhere with their trainer, including parks, Lowe’s Home Improvement, coffee shops, restaurants and more! It is important to teach your dog that the rules apply everywhere, no matter what! This program is great for people that have a busy life and just don’t have quite enough time to dedicate to the training and for dogs that have more severe behavioral issues!

  • 14 or 21 day boarding and training in a trainer’s home
  • On and off-leash reliability
  • E-collar, food pouch, and leash included
  • Access to support classes one year after completion
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group for support!