In this program we raise the puppy from 8 weeks (sometimes from birth) until 6 months. We hand picked puppy from litter that best fits your lifestyle. We spend a lot of time doing world socialization as it is an important step in creating a well balanced, resilient, confident dog! The best thing about this program is that we take care of the typical puppy things, like crate training, housebreaking, leash walking, mouthiness etc.! The commands we focus on are come, sit, down, place, heel, and off! During the process we will schedule “sleepovers” with owners so you guys get a chance to bond, and the puppy gets introduced to your home! Once the puppy is 6 months, we will do a long lesson of all the things. If you would like, we can do Ecollar training once the puppy is about 8 months old! This typically entails a two week stay with us where we just overlay the commands with Ecollar so that you can have an even more reliable offleash dog! (Included in the price)

Looking for a puppy but don’t have a breeder? We can help!! Finding the right breeder is one of the most important parts of owning a puppy!

Cost of puppy : $3500

Cost for training: $7500

You will be responsible for routine puppy vet visits as well. Payment of puppy is due once we get one picked out and the training is starting. The rest can be paid throughout the training, and paid in full by the end!

I have some referenced of past Premier puppy clients that I’d be happy to send you their numbers!