Dog training is not quick fixes. Changing behaviors and habits takes time, and I don’t just mean on the dog’s part. We ourselves have to adjust and change for our dogs to follow in our footsteps.

Change is hard. Humans want instant gratification. To be honest sometimes us dog trainers can give that to you in small doses, however, that is only in the moment. It is the owners’ jobs to invest their time to see the changes through.

Some things resolve fairly quickly, whereas some things take years to see the turn-around. Some issues are a steady uphill progression whereas other issues can seem like you are walking through jagged cliffs. What matters is you stick to the plan and push forward.

Some days will be easier than others. Some days might make you question everything about your dog, question the methods, question the trainer. You may ask “Is all this work really worth it? Will this ever get any better?” Trust us, we have been there, we know how it feels, but we are here to remind you to keep going. You can do this. Your dog can do this. Stay the course. Trust the process.

If you have questions about the process or just need a good old vote of confidence, contact us and one our trainers will be happy to assist you.