Charting the Course to Canine Connection

Golden Compass

Charting the Course to Canine Connection

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What We Offer

We offer a variety of different programs ranging form Group Classes, Private Lessons, Day Trains, and Board and Trains. We use a balanced training approach that allows us to communicate effectively with each and every dog. After our initial evaluation, we will match you and your dog to the most suitable program. Our goal is to create a happy, confident, skilled owner that has a happy, confident, obedient dog!

Our Services

Puppy classes

Puppy Classes

Want to learn how to raise a well-balanced dog? Hop onboard our Navigation Puppy Program to get your puppy started in the right direction!

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Get started with One-on-One lessons in our Expedition Program. Customizable programs that are designed to achieve your goals!

Board and Train

Board and Train

Busy Schedule? No time for lessons? Set sail in our Voyager Program. Send your dog on a 2-3 week get-a-way full of learning and fun to get a head start on your training goals.

Group classes

Group Classes

Want to do more with your dog? Take a look at our group classes designed to have fun and build an even stronger relationship with your dog.

Pack walks


Struggling with leash reactivity or socialization? Dogs are the best teachers. They can bring out confidence to a nervous dog, and give proper corrections to a pushy dog. Pack walks are a great way to socialize and fulfill your dog in a safe and structured environment.

Support Group

Fleet Meets Class

Been through a program already but need a little extra help? Attending our Fleet Training Class offered every Saturday morning will help you and your dog maintain sharp looking skills.



Don’t think your dog would do well in a huge boarding facility? Lucky for you, we have a small boarding facility located on our fully fenced in property that sits on 3.5 acres!



Run, don’t walk, to get started in competitive agility! Challenge you and your dog both mentally and physically while strengthening your connection as a team.


Premiere Puppy

Want a puppy but don’t want to deal with all the things that come with a puppy? Let us help raise and train a puppy to fit your lifestyle!

Let’s Get Started


Not sure which class is best suited for you and your dog? Have a question for one of our trainers? Send us a message and we will contact you to answer all of your questions.

About Us

Every member of our team at Golden Compass Training comes to you with years of knowledge, technique, experience, and passion that allows them to help guide you and our dog in the right direction!


Take a look at our monthly calendar for class schedules and special events. Check back frequently – we update throughout the month.

Client Testimonials

Lindsey P

Lauren is by far the best! I got my pup at 5 months from the shelter and trained her myself for almost 3 years. She is super smart and was an all around awesome dog! But (as all my friends and family know) I have very high expectations for my dog and wanted her to be even more successful and be an even better dog. You can never have too many tricks and training for your dog. Lauren has helped me and my girl, Presley, develop an even stronger bond through training and given us the tools that are for a lifetime. Training takes dedication and taking your trainers advice even if it seems crazy or too hard. Lauren made it so easy and took the time and extra steps to help me and my girl be a great team. We attend socials and pack walks and even go downtown for some fun training. I don’t trust many people with my dog but I trust all the trainers at the WDW 100% with my baby girl.

Kate L

I cannot say enough about this company!! They are simply phenomenal. I have a large, 65 pound boxer mix who is incredibly sweet. However, on leash, around other dogs he became increasingly reactive and uncontrollable. He got out and had an altercation with my neighbors lab and I knew something had to be done. Without hesitation, we sent him to the Home Away program offered. GUYS! 2 weeks and he is a completely different dog. They took time to help us learn commands, his behaviors and took us around Wilmington to work on his off leash respect and recall. They brought many different types of dogs with her too so we could work on his reactivity. He successfully sat outside of the fenced dog park @ Hugh McCrae without a peep!!!!!! I can now walk him around my neighborhood and down the beach off leash with control and more importantly without anxiety. MOST importantly, Ficklen is so much happier! Fast forward one year later, we adopted a 2 year old rescue who had severe dog anxiety but melted around people. We decided to do the 8 week program & yes… we work with him still— his anxiety- it is a complete transformation from where we started!! Since then, I think at least 5 of my friends or family members have consulted or gone through their program! Including my moms 2 dogs and our neighbors brand new Goldendoodles. Lauren is ONE OF A KIND!! It is worth every cent – I promise you will not be disappointed. Just remember, you have to put in the work, too!

Lynn F

We have searched for over a year and half. We took many recommendations from FB. But it finally happened with Golden Compass Canine Training! Sparky and Indie never been away from home in a kennel. We had people come here . That was many hours and money that went to waste. I have been a dog owner for over 25 years and never used a kennel away, Sparky and Indie were not kennel trained. They have separation anxiety . After having a consultation with them we knew in our heart it was what they and we needed. The trainers with compassion and experience made our babies safe and loved. They kept me informed while we visited family. We continue only to use the kennel for feedings. They actually go to it now. We highly recommend Golden Compass Canine Training for boarding services!

Lori B

Hands down the best trainers around! Remy is now off leash reliable, doesn’t pull when on a leash, has better impulse control and is overall a better dog because of them. I was able to take her to my office yesterday full of papers and folders and have confidence she would stay on her place board and not get into everything all because of their help and training.

Alex D

I highly recommend! Without the training and patience of our trainer Lauren Brockway, we would still be going crazy with constant leash pulling and barking as dogs walked by during outings. Not only are my boys (3 years old and less than a year) learning basic obedience but Lauren has gone above and beyond teaching me how to train at home, and in various public settings. They offer so many options and give you great feedback. We had our first pack walk which was fantastic. The “controlled” setting knowing you are learning alongside owners and dogs with similar training is a feeling of relief. Everyone I’ve come into contact with is friendly, VERY knowledgeable, and helpful. If you are considering getting you fur baby trained, no matter the age, I would highly recommend Lauren Brockway!

Bailey P

I had the absolute best experience with our trainer Kayla. She is super knowledgeable and very reliable. My Lab went from anxious, hyper, and all over the place to obedient and calm in a matter of weeks. I was truly blown away and I can tell my dog is much happier now that I know how to properly communicate with him. Kayla helped me feel so much more confident in my ability to train him, and we will miss our weekly meetings with her dearly!


I highly recommend Kayla if you’re struggling to properly train a dog on your own. I have a very rambunctious Pittweiller named Karma and our trainer Kayla was confident that we could manage Karma’s problem behaviors in 5 sessions, and we did just that. The training was direct and to the point, easy to follow and continue to practice on our own. I am so happy with the results; Karma is finally manageable, and our bond is stronger than ever.